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Unleash Your Sexual Enlightenment with Lola Bastinado:

Author, Sex Educator, Relationship Columnist, and Captivating Host. Break barriers, embrace your sexuality, and navigate complex relationships with Lola's thought-provoking content.


Join her vibrant community and embark on a transformative journey towards intimacy, exploring love, desire, and personal growth.

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Join us 8 PM est
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We are so excited that you will be returning to Desire in January. You may not remember us, but you did last year from our year before. I am the tall big guy and Barb is 5'2" and from Canada. Attended all of your workshops. We attended the Splash Takeover in Fort Lauderdale in Sept. and the best part of it was that Barb took the huge step to be publicly bound each night and enjoyed a to z including soft sexual with the demonstrator. She said it was so erotic, she couldn't stop have orgasms. He sought her out each night from the group to be bound. Your workshops helped her to take that huge step and she absolutely loves BDSM and would now love it will a female. I really enjoyed her enjoying herself with her dom and everything he gave her. We believe for the max enjoyment, she needs it for someone else other than me and I agree. She said she would love a session with you privately and/or be your sub in any demonstration. You are the best. Thank you so much for our intro to BDSM.....barb&chris

John Stavros

Playboy TV

"Out of all the sex advice and relationship columnists, Miss Lola is the only one I know who shoots straight from the hip. Her ability to connect with the audience she's speaking to is pretty amazing. She's great to work with. I love her sense of humor and quick wit!"

Kevin Mosely

Tampa, FL

“Lola Bastiando is the world's foremost adult entertainment host, hands down.”

Joey & Colene

Asbury Park, NJ

"I can't help watching her. I DVR and keep replaying it so my fiance thinks I'm learning how to be in a successful relationship. But really, I just can't believe half the stuff Miss Lola says. She's hysterical and not bad on the eyes. Just don't let my ball and chain hear me say that!"

Gerard & Kendall

Atlanta, GA

"MLB is the truth. She helped us through our most difficult time!"

Stephanie & Mike

Milwaukee, WI

"We had the pleasure of meeting Miss Lola at Desires in Mexico. After 18 years of marriage, she helped us spice up our love life and uncover some really exciting kinks we both share as a couple. Who would have thought attending her erotic educational workshops could help us fall in love all over again? Turned out to be the best vacation ever for us!”

Linden Family

Maui, HI

"Not everyone understands our dynamic and try getting relationship help from a vanilla therapist who already feels we are living in sin. It just made it all worse. We met MLB in Las Vegas and since the moment we met her, she's our go to woman for relationship advice. As women in a poly family, it's nice to have the ear of someone who genuinely listens and doesn't judge."

RD & Willow


My boyfriend and I are familiar with Miss Lola through the BDSM community. We traveled from Germany to attend her birthday party. It was the most amazing experience. In Germany we are spoiled by our large BDSM scene, but now proud to call ourselves MLH Residents. We loved all the different types of alternative adults that attended. Something we lack at home. We now make her bday party a part of our holiday travel plans every year!" 

Tera & Shannon

Oakland, CA

"As a young lesbian couple, Miss Lola is the only person my partner and I trust for relationship advice. Usually, 'experts' are old men and women you can barely understand or relate to. Either they're too 'text book' or they've never even been around a lesbian relationship, much less been in one. lol Besides, why would you want to take relationship advice from a person who doesn't know your lifestyle or who has been married a ton of times? I know we wouldn't! We call in to Spice Radio when ever she's on air. Not only is she funny as hell, he actually helps. You might get your ass handed to you if you say something stupid though. She actually made me apologize to my girlfriend once when I called in.... and you know what, I'm glad I did. I could have lost the woman I love. Now we're celebrating our first wedding anniversary."

Michelle Sade

San Antonio

"I met Miss Lola pre-op.When I told her my story and asked for advice, she listened and then smiled and encouraged me to 'love myself'. "It doesn't matter what OTHER parts you put on a car with a broken engine. If you don't fix the engine, it's STILL a damn broken car. Just now...with just different parts. You need to love YOURSELF before anyone else can....besides nobody has time for car trouble!" Those words changed my life. Thank you and LOVE you Miss Lola!"

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